True U: The Truth Project for Teens

A some what less academic approach to the same topics presented in Focus on the Family’s “Truth Project.” This is the newest installment in our apologetic material. This curriculum touches on topics such as cultural influences, historical America and the dangers of social history revisionists.

Understanding the Times:

At Shepherds Hill¬†Academy we believe it is imperative that we understand our times. “Understanding the Times” is actually a college base curriculum that is very thoroughly written. The curriculum provide text books, work books, teachers hand book, and a library of DVDs. This curriculum is a well rounded insightful journey into cultural awareness, world religions, and provides dialogue and thought provoking discussion question to some of today’s most controversial issues.

The American Heritage Series:

David Barton, a renowned historian, created this insightful series discussing the history and biblical roots of America. Many teens today have fallen victim to historical revision. This series helps shed light on some of the areas our culture is trying to shade over.

Hells Bells 2:

The backbone of our cultural apologetic teachings shedding light on the insidious intentions of some of today’s most popular recording artists. This series has been a powerful tool in bringing troubled teens out of musical dependency.

Chip Ingram:

Shepherds Hill Academy backs Chip Ingram and Living on the Edge ministries. We would use any resource this ministry produced.

Answers in Genesis:

Ken Ham has some very insightful theology behind the history of Earth. We teach the enrolled teens the importance of a Creator and how He impacts creation.

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