The highly-trained educators at Shepherd’s Hill Academy are dedicated to helping your child succeed. We have designed our academic program to promote academic excellence, and we can help students address any learning or behavioral difficulties they face. We emphasize structure, high academic standards, individualized attention, and a scripture-based worldview.

Our school provides a comprehensive list of courses that meet the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and meet Georgia State accreditation requirements. Shepherd’s Hill Academy also offers options for students to recover course completion credits for students that need help catching up academically and addressing gaps in their education.  Our students can receive a standard high school diploma, apply for HOPE scholarships (GA residents only), and after graduation, participate in NCAA programs.

Courses Available at Shepherd’s Hill Academy

Shepherd’s Hill Academy provides courses in the following subject areas:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Language
  • Electives
  • Honors Courses
  • Bible Study

You can find specific course information, including student learning requirements, on the Georgia Department of Education website. We also work with students who are behind in credits, or who do not meet learning standards, to recover credits for course completion requirements.

Academic Program Success

Shepherd’s Hill Academy provides students with small class sizes, goal and success planning strategies, and individual tutoring and counseling sessions. Our program equips students with the academic foundations and behavior-management tools that they need to build successful futures.

On average, 90% of Shepherd’s Hill Academy high school graduates gain acceptance into a postsecondary program before graduation. Our principal and staff work directly with each student to find the best college, vocational program, or workplace for the student’s passion, skillset, and dreams.

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Options for Accelerated Learning and Recovering Credits

Some students may arrive at Shepherd’s Hill Academy from other institutions without command of the learning standards necessary for their age or grade level. This situation may be the result of behavioral needs interfering with the learning process, learning difficulties, or a poor match between the student and his or her previous school. At Shepherd’s Hill Academy, our teachers, counselors, and school administrators address those needs as soon as possible to ensure that the child gets back on track academically and developmentally.

To address credit requirements for students, Shepherd’s Hill Academy offers a range of options to fast-track course completions and recover lost school credits. Our goal is to help students catch up to the required academic level for their age group and grade as efficiently as possible. Our accelerated learning programs can be full courses that serve as repeat attempts for students. Alternatively, we offer courses that can focus on particular learning outcomes to help students meet state graduation requirements. This specialized program support has become particularly important in recent months for students who have fallen behind due to the effects of COVID-19 school closures.

Students who require recovery credits or accelerated learning programs receive one-on-one guidance from our teaching staff. Our team at Shepherd’s Hill Academy realizes that these courses can be challenging for students and that some students may struggle with self-confidence related to their ability to complete their courses. In addition to providing expert academic help to students in credit recovery courses, we also help students feel excited about their progress and realize that it is possible to meet their academic goals.