Shepherd’s Hill Academy is dedicated to offering hope and healing for your entire family. While your child will be participating in our intensive 12-month program on campus, your family will also receive support through workshops, family sessions, and healthy interactions with your child.

Your Child’s Customized Treatment Plan

A therapist dedicated to caring for your child will create a treatment plan at the start of the program based the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) results, student input, your own perspectives and contributions, and a full psychological evaluation, which is required prior to enrolling at Shepherd’s Hill Academy.

Each treatment plan includes symptoms, diagnosis(es) and goals with related objectives and interventions. The therapist will meet with you and your child to review the plan and get your agreement and your child’s commitment to pursuing it.

We meet with your child weekly in accountability reviews conducted by the residential, therapeutic, and education management teams. We keep notes on file for reference as treatment progresses.

Family Sessions for You and Your Teen

Family sessions with your child begin four months into the program. These hour-long sessions are conducted either in person on campus, or via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software if you are not able to physically attend. We require these monthly family sessions to support student progress, their ongoing accountability towards reaching their goals, and to ensure you and your family actively participate in your child’s wellness and success.

Parent Conference Weekends

We host Spring and Fall parent conference weekends that are packed with parent workshops and family therapeutic activities. The weekends create an environment to help build, restore, and heal relationships. The schedule includes time for necessary and constructive conversations as well as for creating light and fun shared memories.

The Fall parent conference in October is only for the parents of enrolled students. The Spring conference in April includes parents and siblings eight years of age and older.

Monthly Parent Visits

We typically schedule parent visits to begin around month two of your child’s program at Shepherd’s Hill Academy. Visits are structured to support ongoing relationship-building and are a part of the therapeutic plan created when your child enrolls. Details are included in your parent packet and in your teen’s therapeutic plan.

Parent and Student Communications

We encourage your healthy engagement and communication from the time of enrollment, up to and after visits and throughout your child’s program. Students are encouraged to write letters to you as often as they desire, which are mailed every weekend. Your child may also send and receive emails. We print your emails to your child and deliver them to every afternoon.