Shepherd’s Hill Academy Therapeutic Expectations for Families

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is dedicated to offering hope and healing for the entire family unit. While your child will be participating in our intensive 12-month program on campus, your family will receive support, workshops, family sessions for the adolescent, and interaction with your child.

Treatment Plan

In the first 30 days, the therapist creates a treatment plan for each enrolled student. This 25-page document is compiled from the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) results, student input, parent contributions, and a *full psychological evaluation. Each treatment plan includes symptoms, diagnosis(es) and goals with related objectives and interventions. The therapist will meet with the parents and student to review the service plan and receive compliance.

The treatment plan is subject to a weekly accountability review in clinical meetings conducted by the residential, therapeutic and education management teams. Notes of these meetings are kept on file.

*Before acceptance to SHA, a full psychological evaluation is mandatory.

Family Sessions for The Adolescent

Family sessions for the adolescent begin in the 4th month and are scheduled by the therapist. Each family session is a minimum of 60 minutes. These sessions may be conducted by HIPAA compliant video conferencing software if the parent is not able to physically attend the visit. Monthly family sessions are a requirement of SHA to ensure student progress, compliance, and family participation in your child’s wellness and success.

Parent Conferences

Twice a year, Shepherd’s Hill Academy hosts a full Parent Conference. The weekend conferences are packed with parent workshops and family therapeutic activities. These events are meant to provide the environment to help build, restore and heal relationships. Time is given for necessary and constructive conversations as well as light and fun shared memories.

The Fall Parent Conference is typically scheduled in the month of October. This event is for only the parents of enrolled students. The Spring Conference is scheduled in April and includes parents as well as all siblings eight years of age and older.

Monthly Boarding School Visits

Based on the visit schedule created at enrollment, parents are typically able to visit SHA and spend time with their child around the 2nd month of their child’s stay. Each visit weekend concludes with a parent workshop conducted by our Director of Program Development. For a clearer explanation of these details, a projected visit schedule is included in your parent packet upon enrollment.

During the months prior to a visit, continuing through the end of enrollment, students are permitted to hand-write letters to their parents as frequently as desired. These letters are mailed every weekend. If the parent desires, they may email their student daily during the duration of their child’s time in the program. Parent’s emails are printed each afternoon and delivered to their child.