During the current public health crisis, families have had to change routines quickly, and teenagers have had to adapt quickly to virtual school programs and social distancing guidelines. These changes have contributed to many teens displaying behavioral health problems for the first time. Additionally, many teens with pre-pandemic behavioral health issues have seen those issues worsen since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the middle of juggling new schedules and routines, many parents struggle with how they can help their teens navigate behavioral health challenges in the current environment. At Shepherd’s Hill Academy, we understand the impact that changes from the pandemic can have on teens, and we can help parents decide how to best support their teens during the upcoming school year.

When a teen faces behavioral health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, common questions that parents with a troubled teen may have include:

  • Is my teen’s behavior normal?
  • What can we do to improve my teen’s well-being in a safe way this year?
  • Is a residential therapy program still an option?
  • What can I expect a residential therapy program to do for my teen over the upcoming school year?

To help parents determine if their child may need long-term therapeutic care that includes schooling, we have created a School Choices Quiz. With the quiz, parents answer several questions regarding their teen’s behavior and health. Parents then get an instant result that describes their teen’s unique needs, and the parents can then decide whether or not to look into therapeutic school programs for troubled teens. To learn more about your teen’s behavioral health needs and how they may relate to educational plans, take our School Choices Quiz.

When should parents take the School Choices Quiz?

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents may be wondering how to balance their teen’s educational needs and behavioral health challenges. Parents may need to decide whether their teen should return to their local school, take classes virtually, or enroll in a private therapeutic school for troubled teens.

Our School Choices Quiz is an easy first step to discovering ways to help your teen improve their behavioral health during the upcoming school year. If you have noticed changes to your teen’s behavior this year, including changes in their attitude, language, and demeanor, taking the School Choices Quiz is likely appropriate.

Take the Shepherd’s Hill Academy School Choices Quiz

Our School Choices Quiz takes just a few minutes, and the quiz is the first step towards helping your teen improve their behavioral health. To take our School Choices Quiz now, click here.