We understand there are a lot of considerations to weigh when determining the best option to support healing and recovery for your teen. Making the right choice is an investment in your child’s future in every sense. What will help them best heal? How can they excel in academics? What environment will support the therapeutic approach and provide a solid foundation for a happy and productive adulthood? How can your child and family dynamic evolve for flourishing relationships in the long term?

With so much to consider, we want to be as transparent as possible in our tuition model. Tuition at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is $135,000 for 12 months of service. As a non-profit organization, tuition covers your child’s full room and board, academics, and all facets of therapy, including working with our horses as part of our dedicated equine program.  

Below, we have gathered information and links to provide you with vital details and to help you understand costs and financing. If it is easier for you to talk through your options, we welcome your call—just dial 706-703-4188. Alternatively, you can use our contact form, and we can schedule a time to talk.