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In today’s media-saturated world it is difficult to unplug. Many adults find themselves tied to their smartphones and devices for work and leisure, even admitting that they may feel addicted or overwhelmed. How much more are our children and teens, with even less life experience and coping skills, dealing with these devices constantly vying for their attention?

A New Alternative to the Smartphone

Shepherd’s Hill Academy and License to Parent with Trace Embry are excited to partner with Gabb Wireless, as they offer an alternative to the smartphone devices our kids want and would argue they need.

We have experienced many frustrated parents saying things like:

  • “I don’t want to give my child a smartphone, but I want them to be able to keep in contact with me.”
  • “My child plays sports/participates in extracurricular activities. They need a phone so we can contact each other.”
  • “What if my child has an emergency? The smartphone seems to be the best option for them to get a hold of me or another family member.”
  • “My child would be bullied if they carried around a flip phone! They need the latest model.”

A phone from Gabb Wireless solves these problems while eliminating the need for a smartphone altogether!

A Safe Smart Phone

The cellular device from Gabb Wireless takes on the shape and appearance of your typical smartphone device. But it doesn’t act like one!

The Gabb phone includes features that kids need to stay safe and in touch with friends, family, and loved ones. Your teen’s phone allows them to call, text, take photos and use basic applications such as a calculator, calendar, clock, contact list, and more.

While your child or teen may express that there isn’t much to do on their new phone, that is exactly the point! The device is not able to download apps, including social media applications. This puts you, the parent, back in control.

Why Choose A Basic Device?

So why choose a basic phone option for your child over a smartphone? Digital addiction is prevalent in teens and children. At Shepherd’s Hill Academy we see teens of all ages dealing with mental health and behavioral issues rooted in overuse of technology.

Excessive technology use can also lead to poor sleep habits among children and teens. These habits can affect your child’s health, wellness, ability to focus, behavior, and performance in academics.
Cyberbullying is a common issue among teens and even children! Social media is a no-holds-barred platform for this type of activity to take place. With a Gabb Phone, your teen no longer has unencumbered access to social media.

There are also additional dangers lurking on the World Wide Web. Content that was not designed for the eyes of your teen is very prevalent. Strangers with ill-intentions have more access than ever to the personal information and location of children due to their activities on the World Wide Web.
Safe, wise, and healthy digital habits aren’t just options in today’s day and age. They are all absolutely essential!

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