Join us in making miracles happen!

We invite you to support the mission of life change that happens every day on the campus of Shepherds Hill Academy. We are at a pivotal and transformational time as a society. Students are surrounded by influences that are destroying them and their families. Investing in a Shepherds Hill Academy education is investing in the healing and recovery of kids who need it for life.

Individuals and organizations can contribute to SHA through financial contributions or donations of time, talent, or treasure. Financial contributions can be directed toward several needs such as the general operating budget, scholarship program, facility expansion, and growth of agricultural programming.

Time and talent donations can be made with the guidance of the SHA staff. Please thoughtfully consider how you can support the mission of SHA so students can experience hope and healing through a Christ-centered, nature-based educational experience. Your support can make a profound difference in the lives of struggling teens, helping them find healing, growth, and purpose.