Who We Treat—Children Suffering from Addictive and Behavioral Issues

We treat teens (ages 12-17) suffering from a variety of addictive, traumatic and behavioral issues. Many suffer from more than one. A neurodevelopmental issue can fuel addictions and cause behavioral issues, for example. We treat the whole child, not isolated symptoms, working with each family to address the interplay of issues in a customized Christ-centered therapeutic program.

Helping You and Your Child Truly Heal

We understand that you and your child are struggling with issues you cannot handle alone. Our work and the gift of Christ’s perfect empathy lays the foundation for a purposeful, happy, fulfilling life for your child.

Because each child is different and the challenges they face may not fit into any list, we invite you to talk to us directly about the specifics of your situation and how we can help with an individualized program.

More than Hope: Safely Guiding Your Child to the True Source of Spiritual Strength

Our Christ-centered approach does more than bring hope, it transforms lives.

Our safe and secure authoritative community model connects your child to the reality and the promise of God through the beauty of nature.

It is easy to get lost in today’s toxic culture and digitally-addicted age. An unplugged therapeutic environment, free of overstimulation and distraction, works wonders on a teenager’s critical, constructive, and creative thinking skills.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy’s team is experienced in successfully treating teens with addiction issues and behavioral conditions. Highly-trained boys and girls residential and fully-licensed therapeutic teams offer a unique blend of holistic and evidence-based practices, a personalized academic environment, and a proven nature-based component.

Customized Approaches for Teens with Common—and Combined—Issues

Shepherd’s Hill Academy welcomes troubled teens to programs that provide a comprehensive approach to recovery. Our biblically-based programs bring hope, healing, and transformation for teens and families struggling with issues including: