Shepherd’s Hill Academy is Here to Help

It sounds like your teenager is experiencing moderate to high levels of disobedience, anger, or risky behavior. Your teen may be experiencing some major changes in their lives and are looking to unhealthy coping mechanisms in order to grow and understand this stage of life they now live in.

Whether your teen is engaging in risky behavior or drug use or is blatantly disobedient to the point of causing danger/harm to themselves or your family, Shepherd’s Hill Academy offers a solution. Shepherd’s Hill Academy (SHA) offers a 12-month Residential Therapeutic Program with a Wilderness Component and a Fully Accredited Academy.

With extensive experience offering treatment to troubled teens, SHA delivers a unique and proven blend of individual therapy, group therapy, equine therapy, mentorship, and academic assistance.
Shepherd’s Hill Academy follows a strict 5:1 student to staff ratio, ensuring your child’s safety and accountability. Boys’ and girls’ campuses are 100% separate, allowing your child to heal and grow without the distraction of relationships and pressures from the opposite sex.

We’d love to tell you more! Discover how Shepherd’s Hill Academy can serve your family and offer healing to your Troubled Teen! Complete the form below and our Admission team will be in touch shortly, or call us directly at (706) 703-4188.