Representatives of the Hands of Love Foundation Visit Shepherd’s Hill Academy 

As teenagers work through a process of healing in the year-long therapeutic program offered by Shepherd’s Hill Academy (SHA), they participate in weekly chapel services on the SHA campus. These services not only give members of the SHA staff a chance to share words of wisdom and encouragement, they also give students the opportunity to hear from outside sources through a variety of guest speakers. 

At the end of April 2018, Shepherd’s Hill Academy hosted representatives from the Hands of Love Foundation on their beautiful campus in Northeast Georgia. Hands of Love operates two orphanages, a school, and other facilities in the East African country of Uganda. Their goal is to rescue needy and abandoned children and provide them with the love of God though housing, education, medical services, and other ministries.

One of the representatives present on the SHA campus was Pastor Elijah Sebuchu, the Founder and President of the Hands of Love Foundation. He is also an evangelist, church planter, Senior Pastor at Kampala International Christian Centre (KICC), and Presiding Bishop over Global Discipleship Ministries (GDM) churches. During the visit, Pastor Elijah, a man who faced many struggles growing up in Uganda and is currently involved in sharing the love of God with Ugandan youth, had a chance to share with the struggling teens at SHA as a guest speaker in a chapel service. Pastor Elijah spoke about the importance of godly wisdom, specifically in regard to preparing for the future, and encouraged the students to be on their guard against the influence of evil in the world. He explained how he has seen evil forces at work in Uganda and warned the students that these forces are at work in American culture too. He also suggested that distractions and entertainment may be blinding them to the evil that is manifesting around them and around the world.

While on the SHA campus, Pastor Elijah also sat down with Trace Embry, the Director of Shepherd’s Hill Academy, to record an episode for the radio ministry, License to Parent with Trace Embry.

Pastor Elijah and Hands of Love

For much of Pastor Elijah’s early life in Uganda, he went without many basic things like shoes, blankets, and a consistent source of food. Despite all of this hardship, he was able to finish school. After continuing his education and earning various degrees, including a seminary degree, he truly accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord of his life. As Pastor Elijah ministered, his heart was burdened by the struggle of Uganda’s many orphans and the seemingly hopeless state in which they would remain without any help. He founded Hands of Love and its many ministries as a result of this burden.

How to Get Involved with the Ministries of Hands of Love

Hands of Love USA provides an outlet for people in the United States to get involved in these ministries through donations, sponsorships, missions trips, and more. You can find out more about supporting the work of Hands of Love by visiting their website. If you are interested in hearing Pastor Elijah’s comments on License to Parent with Trace Embry, the episode will be available online in the coming weeks. Pastor Elijah was also Trace Embry’s guest on the program in 2013; this episode is available now on License to Parent.

Learn More about the Work of Shepherd’s Hill Academy

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