Shepherd’s Hill Academy is proud to offer a comprehensive credit recovery program for our students. Our program helps students recover credits in a supportive and nurturing learning environment for classes they did not pass during the school year. Read more below to learn about our credit recovery options and how Shepherd’s Hill Academy can help students reach their academic goals.

What to expect from a credit recovery program

We offer programs designed to help students recover credits, including dedicated classes for students who did not earn necessary credits during a previous semester. These students may face a range of difficulties, including learning challenges, behavioral struggles, and a lack of academic support. Fortunately, our specialized courses can allow students to get back on track academically and graduate on time with little disruption to their lives.

Students can expect an experience that is very similar to any other class. Students sit for teaching sessions, participate in class discussions, complete homework assignments, and work on projects. In addition to these normal classroom experiences, our team at Shepherd’s Hill Academy provides students with tutoring and behavioral health counseling support to help students have the resources they need to recover required credits and reach their full academic potential.

Credit recovery programs and COVID-19 school closures

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to many aspects of our lives. With COVID-19 school closures, the pandemic has particularly impacted the lives of students and their academic experiences. Many students have not adjusted well to online class formats and have suffered academically as a result.

Credit completion programs are an excellent option for students who need assistance after falling behind academically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through courses designed to help students recover credits, we address the specific areas they need assistance without having to repeat a full grade. Once students address the areas where they need additional help and credits, they can continue to progress alongside their peers and meet the learning standards for their grade levels.

Resources for students during credit recovery programs

At Shepherd’s Hill Academy, we believe that a student’s success requires a holistic approach from teachers and staff members. In addition to building the student’s academic abilities, we also focus on helping the student build the behavioral-management strategies they need to be successful. Our team works to help young people develop the skills they need to achieve their goals both inside and outside the classroom.

Students who enroll in our credit recovery programs live on campus and have the full support of our academic staff and counselors. Our team helps students maintain structured schedules that ensure that students spend adequate time on their studies. Students who struggle with course content can get academic help from their teachers and our on-campus tutors.

Our teachers and trained therapists help students work through any behavioral difficulties that may hinder their academic performance. These difficulties may include challenges with focusing on school work and challenges with motivation. Additionally, some students may face self-confidence issues when they have to enroll in a credit recovery program. Our counselors help each student recognize that they can achieve their goals with the right amount of work and dedication.

How to get started at Shepherd’s Hill Academy

Getting started with an accelerated learning program and recovering credits at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is easy. The first step is for parents to reach out to our team to schedule a consultation meeting. To arrange consultation meetings in-person or remotely, please reach out online or Call Us Today (706) 898-3207. During the consultation, we can help answer questions you may have about our program and assess if our program fits your child’s needs.