The atmosphere of our wilderness program is set to change the young teen’s outlook. There is a mix of fun and adventure, but also a full educational experience with qualified instructors. In our wilderness program, self-reliance, a break from bad habits and destructive peers and teamwork are major gains for the participants. They learn to become self-sufficient, but also reliant on God. They have to collect their own water supply and firewood. They have to light their own fire. They have to cook their own weekend meals. The program teaches teens to be responsible and caring.
Our wilderness program graduates have enjoyed a complete about turn with their attitude and behavior undertaking a major change for the good. And the best bit of news is that the new teen continues in this pattern long after they have left our program. This is the type of result every parent of a troubled teen dreams for.

Remember, most wilderness programs aren’t Christian, nor point to God as the answer.

So, if you are experiencing chaos in your home from a teenager who is having trouble with today’s culture, consider our wilderness programs. We understand your child, and what your family is going through, we genuinely do. We’ve worked with troubled teens for 20 years, and we can identify with what this is doing to your family. We know and daily deal with the underlying causes of teen rebellion and misbehavior, and our caring counseling team can make a real difference in your teenager’s life, just as we have done for so many others.
Many families attribute our wilderness programs to saving their child’s life and getting back on track spiritually, emotionally, physically, psychologically, and academically.
Allow us to help you find peace and comfort for your family in your home again. Please call us at (706) 703-4188 to learn more about our wilderness programs. Or, fill out our inquiry form to learn more.