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Shepherd’s Hill Academy Wilderness Programs near Miami

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If you are a concerned parent with a teen who is going down the wrong path in life, allow us to share the heart of Shepherd’s Hill Academy residential wilderness program near Miami in Martin, Georgia (90 miles NE of Atlanta). We’ve worked with troubled teens for 20 years, and we can relate to what this is doing to your family. We understand the primary causes of teen rebellion, misbehavior and disorders. We have helped many families heal from the turmoils of living with a troubled teen.

You may have already been in counseling, and that hasn’t improved your situation. Perhaps you’ve been informed of the advantages of wilderness programs, or it was suggested to place your teen in wilderness programs near Miami for its therapeutic benefits. Distance and time away from negative peer pressures helps in the healing process for struggling teens. Camaraderie and team work develops among troubled teens as they share the wilderness program experience.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy wilderness programs near Miami are also a Christian boarding school and is fully accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. We are members of the American Association of Christian Schools, and the Georgia Association of Christian Schools. During the year stay, your teen will continue their education in our gender separate classrooms on campus. As an enhancement, we also offer Georgia Virtual School curriculum so students have what they need to complete the school year, or to graduate and receive their diploma.

What our wilderness programs near Miami offers:

    • New Creations Wilderness Therapy – Removes teens from societal influences, and promotes therapeutic healing
    • Next Step Program – Prepares teens to move back into the home, and how to deal with societal issues
    • Counseling – Individual, Group, Family Counseling. Monthly Parent Workshops. Bi-annual Parent & Sibling Conferences.
    • Equine Program – EAGALA certified instructors in behavioral, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing
    • Shepherd’s Hill Academy – Accredited, Private, Christian, Academy for Middle and Senior High students offering Advanced Placement classes

So, if you are experiencing chaos in your home from a teenager who is struggling in school and society, consider Shepherd’s Hill Academy wilderness programs near Miami. We understand your child, and what your family is going through, we genuinely do. Kids get another chance at childhood, while learning how to properly approach and address the critical issues of adulthood. It’s therapy for the whole family, as parents also learn through our workshops, conferences and constant contact.

Allow us to help you find peace and comfort for your family in your home again. Please call us at (706) 703-4188 to learn more about our wilderness programs near Miami. Or, fill out our inquiry form to learn more.

About Downtown Miami School District (from Wikipedia)

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is a public school district serving Miami-Dade County, Florida. Founded in 1885, it is the largest school district in Florida and the Southeastern United States, and the fourth largest in the United States, with a student enrollment of 380,006 as of July 5, 2010. The District is managed by the School Board of Miami-Dade County, which appoints a Superintendent to head the administrative portions of the district. The current Superintendent is Alberto Carvalho, since September 12, 2008.

The district is also the second-largest minority-majority public school system in the country, with 62% of its students being of Hispanic origin, 26% African American, 9% Non-Hispanic White, 1% Asian or Pacific Islander and less than 2% of other minorities. Miami-Dade County Public Schools is also one of a few public school districts in the United States to offer optional International Studies Programs and bilingual education. Bilingual education is offered in Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Mandarin. MDCPS is the only school district in Florida to offer bilingual education in Mandarin. Over 50% of MDCPS teachers are graduates of Florida International University.

Miami, FL is roughly 750 miles from Martin, GA.  Martin, GA is ideally located in a small rural town with just over 300 people.  We offer a wholesome life-style for your troubled teen to get a fresh start in life.  Shepherd’s Hill Academy is one of the few wilderness programs near Miami where your child can finish their high school education and help prepare them for college.

Though most of our students come from states in the southeast like Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), South Carolina (SC), North Carolina (NC) and Texas (TX), we’ve enrolled teens from the southwest in states like Arizona (AZ), New Mexico (NM), and California (CA), in the midwest and northwest, Illinois (IL), Nebraska (NE), Minnesota (MN), and Washington (WA). We can enroll teens throughout the U.S.