At Shepherd’s Hill Academy we realize that in order to transform a culture, families must be unified and restored. Because of this understanding, SHA is dedicated to fulfilling the vision by providing families from all over America the opportunity to heal.

Parent Weekend Conferences

Parent Weekend Conferences
Twice a year, families come together for the SHA Parent Weekend Conferences. Siblings are invited to attend in the Spring.  This provides parents an opportunity to participate in team building activities that bring together the family to draw out teachable moments.
In addition, parents receive two days of intense parenting workshops developed to provide parents with the tools necessary to restore their families.
Our parenting Weekend Conferences provide parents with eye-opening opportunities to understand the cultural challenges their teen faces and how to apply boundaries within their home.

Monthly Parenting Workshops

Parenting Workshops
The first Sunday of every month parents are given the opportunity to participate in parenting workshops.
Parenting workshops are a time for parents to discuss with the SHA team various topics that face the family dynamic in today’s culture and in their home.
This opportunity opens up the door for parents to take practical steps to restore their family before and after their teen returns home.  It also gives parents the chance to work on important issues of their own.

Family Sessions for The Adolescent

Therapy Sessions
Shepherd’s Hill Academy understands that in order for families to be restored to one another there needs to be a place for them to address personal challenges.
To help parents in the healing process, we provide all families with family sessions for the adolescent. This gives parents and teens the opportunity to restore relationships, trust, and hope.

Practical Parenting Resources

SHA provides parents with practical parenting resources to continue in the restoration process.  Whether it is during enrollment, or after graduation, parents have access to our many resources.  Among those resources are: