Shepherd’s Hill Academy has been confirmed as an Essential Business by our state government officials.

Our program continues to operate with precautions and recommendations of the CDC, as well as our state and local government officials.

During this time, Shepherd’s Hill Academy, along with other Residential Programs across the country, are responding to the global pandemic of Covid-19. At Shepherd’s Hill Academy, it is our top and first priority to maintain the safety of our students and staff during this time.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy has appointed a Covid-19 Taskforce within the program. This task-force is actively working to maintain up to date information and communication with both program staff and our student’s families. The Covid-19 Task Force has created an emergency preparedness plan included designated quarantine areas, food storage, provisions, etc. in the case of any unforeseen event.

Here is an overview of our campus modifications and policy during this time. Please keep in mind that we are actively updating and increasing safety procedures as more information is made available.

General Campus Cleanliness

  • Disinfectant wipes and solutions are located in all major areas around campus for our staff. Surfaces are wiped down frequently in order to continue to provide a clean area and atmosphere for our students and staff.
  • Hand Sanitizing stations are located throughout the campus for our staff and students. Appropriate use and training have been communicated to each member of our population.
  • Handwashing signs and reminders are also prevalent throughout the campus. Students and staff are required to wash their hands for 20 seconds with hot water as necessary throughout the day.

Campus Team Health

  • All SHA team members are receiving daily updates from our Executive Directors on the situation. This also includes any instruction or recommendation for personal pre-caution.
  • All staff members are required to check-in and take their temperature each morning prior to clocking in. Anyone with a temperature of 100.3 or higher will be required to depart from campus immediately and notify our nurse for further instructions. Individuals with virus symptoms may be placed on off-campus quarantine for up to 14 days.
  • Staff members who choose to fly via commercial aircraft, travel to a “hot spot” or come into known contact with an individual who is a carrier of the virus will be required to quarantine themselves off-campus for a minimum of 14-days.
  • The local Infectious Diseases Coordinator for Stephens County was on campus on March 17th. She spoke to team members and managers, answering any questions about the virus and providing insight and recommendations.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy Campus Life

  • Students will have academic classes and therapy sessions as usual.
  • All family sessions are now performed via Telehealth services rather than in-person.
  • No outside visitors are permitted on the SHA campus, with the exception of prospective families (noted below) following approval.
  • Shepherd’s Hill Academy Parent Conference for Spring 2020 (scheduled for April) has been postponed.
  • The Covid-19 Task Force has created an emergency preparedness plan to include designated quarantine areas, food storage, provisions, etc. in the case of any unforeseen event.
  • Parents are receiving daily updates from the Executive Directors on the status of campus, students, and any news. All parents are welcome to contact us via phone at any time with questions or concerns.

Admission of New Students

  • Any new student application will also include additional screening including but not limited to questions regarding current health and symptoms, recent travel, contact with any potential Covid-19 carriers.
  • Any new student tours or arrivals will be screened by the Directors in order to maintain the utmost safety for our campus at large
  • Tours for prospective students will be limited to those who are within or nearing acceptance.

Covid-19 Updates

Please note that the procedures and protocol in place are subject to change as improvements are made daily to reflect our current situation. For specific details concerning the Shepherd’s Hill Academy Covid-19 preparedness plan and procedures as it relates to your student, please contact our offices directly at 706-703-4188.