Does it seem like no matter how hard you try to discipline your child, they just become more rebellious and have turned into an out of control teenager? Rebellious youth are more likely to become at-risk for getting expelled from school, or worse – becoming incarcerated by the Juvenile Justice System.  If you have an out of control teenager, you’re probably at the end of your rope.

SHA is a Therapeutic Boarding School Offering Serious Help for Troubled Teens

Shepherd’s Hill Academy serves boys and girls 12-17 who have gotten off track in life. Our therapeutic boarding school has separate outdoor nature based program for boys and girls, with our educational campus in the center. We use outdoor therapy since the greatest opportunity for character and educational growth happens once feelings of entitlement are diminished.
We know your child…we really do. Through 20 years working with difficult and rebellious teenagers, we know what you are going through with your out of control teenager. Your home has become a nightmare. Your child is angry, running with the wrong crowd, perhaps dabbling in drugs, alcohol or sex, and is at-risk of expulsion or trouble with the law. We want to help you take charge and regain authority in your home.
Is your teen troubled?

A Word From Our Directors

shepherds hill academy founders Understanding our times and knowing what to do is much of the “How” and “Why” behind Shepherd’s Hill Academy’s (SHA) unique and successful approach to the healing and restoration of teens and families. Students are unplugged and detoxed from digital technology long enough for them to begin seeing the forest for the trees. They’re getting, as the late Paul Harvey used to say, “The rest of the story.” It’s also a big reason why 70% of students coming to SHA on loads of medications are leaving medication free! Read More >