When your child joins us at Shepherd’s Hill Academy, they will go through our 4-stage Equine Relationship Therapy (ERT) Program. This process helps your child discover horsemanship skills, soft skills, communication skills, and more in order to grow and thrive. The program also aids students in transferring these skills into their real-life relationships.

A key element to this therapy’s success is the work your child will do with the same horse over 12 months. This helps your student to learn the personality, character traits, and quirks of the horse of their choosing. It will be challenging, frustrating, and rewarding!

Because this relationship between your child and their horse will be so important, we want to give you the opportunity to get to know our horses as much as possible before your time here. You will discover the elements of each horse that make them unique. Like humans, you will learn more about the personality traits, attributes, likes, and dislikes of each individual horse.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is currently home to 12 unique horses. Read more about each of our horses and their personalities in the bio section below.

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