Each element of Shepherd’s Hill Academy (SHA) offers a unique opportunity for your family to grow.

Our weekend parent conferences help set your family up for success.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy Weekend Parent Conferences

Listen to what this parent has to say about the SHA parent conferences:

“The family conference weekends are definitely helpful in that it helps you work on the family system as a whole; it’s not just a singular problem. We have recognized that the challenges with our son were just a manifestation of the problems between all of us within that particular system.”

“So, when we come here and listen to Trace and Beth give us their life experiences and guidance, attending church services with our son, all that is a total package. It helps you address the entire problem and not just focus on one area, which we’ve realized over several months (our son’s been at several institutions) this is the complete package because it includes the spiritual aspect of it. I think that is what has brought us closer together.”

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