In case you might be wondering… Here are the top 5 most visited posts in the last couple of months.

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This list of our Top 5 Posts of April and May 2016 includes: Vikki Paese of our very own Shepherds Hill Family Coaching, Dr. Jean Lawrence, Kay Warren, and a couple posts from your’s truly.

#5 The Benefits of Family Coaching with Shepherd’s Hill Academy

The benefits of family coaching will set your family up for success. Trace Embry interviews Vikki Paese of Shepherd’s Hill Academy Family Coaching Services.

#4 5 Warning Signs Stress is Affecting Your Teen and What to Do About it with Jean Lawrence

Stress is affecting your teen more than you might think. Trace Embry and Rich Roszel of License to Parent interview nutrition expert, Dr. Jean Lawrence.

#3 1 Way to Prevent Your Teen From Being Indoctrinated

Trace Embry of License to Parent provides a way to prevent your teen from being indoctrinated by all the digital stimuli the world has to offer. Learn How!

#2 What You Should Do if Your Teen is Disrespectful

Trace Embry of License to Parent gives parents help on what you should do if your teen is disrespectful. Visit: for parenting tips.

#1 How to Help a Family Grieving from Suicide with Kay Warren

How to help a family grieving from suicide is the focus on Trace Embry’s conversation with Kay Warren. Kay and her husband Rick founded Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA.