Below, we cover common questions about our academic program’s options for recovering school credits and meeting graduation requirements.

What are the options for recovering credits?

We offer specialized focused educational programs that help students recover missing credits. Students can enroll in a credit recovery class or program alongside their standard academic schedule. In some cases, students may focus only on recovering lost credits during a special summer session.

When is it necessary to look into options for recovering credits?

It is recommended to incorporate programs for recovering credits when a student is not at the required learning standard for their age or grade level. Students may not have the necessary credits to advance due to an academic struggle or, in some cases, missing the class entirely. Credit completion options may also be necessary when a student cannot demonstrate mastery of certain learning objectives on standardized entrance exams.

My child missed or failed online classes during COVID-19 school closures. Will your programs help my child to recover lost credits?

Yes. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges to students and has significantly impacted many student’s academic standing. Credit recovery courses and programs can help students get back on track.

What type of support do students requiring support to recover credits receive?

In many ways, credit recovery courses and programs are just like other classes. Students attend an instructional component, participate in class discussions, and complete homework assignments. However, our team at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is mindful that students may be struggling with the subject material and may be intimidated by the learning process. Our team provides additional academic tutoring and behavioral counseling to credit recovery students to help ensure that they can complete their programs successfully.

What happens when a student completes a program designed to recover credits?

When a student completes a program designed to help recover credits, they receive a final grade and a determination from the instructor that they have met all learning objectives satisfactorily. If the student passes the course or program, the student then earns the credits and receives all necessary documentation. The student can then use this documentation to meet state education requirements, advance to a new grade level, transfer into a new school, or graduate.

How can I learn more about options for my child to recover credits at Shepherd’s Hill Academy?

Parents and students typically have many questions about credit recovery options. Our team at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is here to help! If you have additional questions, please reach out to our team online, or Call Us Today (706) 898-3207