At Shepherd’s Hill Academy, we understand the overwhelming challenges that come with parenting a teen who is facing serious behavioral issues. If your adolescent is exhibiting anger, defiance, or rebelliousness, has encountered academic or legal troubles, or is experimenting with drugs, alcohol, or engaging in risky behaviors, we want you to know there is hope and help.


Located in the tranquil forests two hours from Marietta, in Northeast Georgia, Shepherd’s Hill Academy offers a transformative residential treatment program for teens in turmoil. Our unique approach removes your teen from the negative influences and triggers that contribute to their destructive behavior, providing a safe space for healing and growth.

graduation from accredited Shepherd's Hill Academy girls programOur Proven Approach

Our Christ-centered philosophy is at the heart of our counseling and program structure. We believe in the healing power of a relationship with Jesus Christ, encouraging teens to make lasting changes from the inside out. It’s this spiritual foundation, coupled with our proven therapeutic programs, that has guided hundreds of adolescents towards renewed self-respect, accountability, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Programs Tailored for Transformation

Shepherd’s Hill Academy provides a comprehensive journey of healing and development. The foundation of our residential boarding school is our nature-based approach. Teens engage in teamwork and personal development while residing in gender-specific rustic cabins.

Academic achievement doesn’t take a backseat during rehabilitation. Our fully accredited academy allows students to continue their education, earning credits towards graduation under the guidance of certified teachers. We provide small group and individualized instruction in core subjects and a variety of electives, all aligned with the Georgia Department of Education standards. Our students are also prepared for college entrance exams like the ACT and SAT.

Beyond academics, our therapy programs—including equine therapy—and a multitude of therapeutic interventions, including group, individual, and family counseling, support holistic healing.

Our year round programs support every aspect of recovery for your teen. Tuition at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is $135,000 for 12 months of service, and covers your child’s full room and board, academics, and facets of therapy. You can more about tuition and financial options by clicking here: Financial Options, or calling us directly at 706-703-4188.

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Our dedicated staff at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is eager to assist in your family’s journey to restoration. Reach out to learn how our programs can make a positive difference in your teen’s life.

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