Are you looking for options for your troubled teen? Do you live in Louisiana? Would you consider an outdoor wilderness program in Georgia?

Finding the perfect place for your troubled teen can be very stressful. When your teen is rebellious, angry, unruly, and engaging in risky behavior, the need for an effective solution is critical. A therapeutic school with an outdoor wilderness program is an effective and proven option for your troubled teen. Let us introduce you to Shepherd’s Hill Academy (SHA)!

Therapeutic Boarding SchoolsWe may not be located in the state of Louisiana, but our program has proven successful for children from your state! As a matter of fact, Shepherd’s Hill Academy has served troubled teen students from all across the United States.

SHA offers an outdoor wilderness and academic residential program for both teen boys and girls (separate classes and living quarters). We are confident that we can assist your family as well!

Outdoor Wilderness Boarding School with a Christian Emphasis

Located roughly 2 hours from Atlanta, Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a hybrid of a therapeutic outdoor program and a Christian boarding school. The program consists of various forms of therapeutic measures including group and individual counseling and equine therapy.

Our boarding school and outdoor wilderness program are also unapologetically Christ-centered. We believe that the foundation of real and lasting change is a relationship with Jesus Christ. We also believe in offering your teen a top-rated education. At SHA we challenge your troubled teen to exercise team work, character building and new decision making skills.

Our Outdoor Wilderness Program Phase

When your teen arrives at Shepherd’s Hill Academy they will enter our residential outdoor wilderness program. Unplugged and disconnected from distractions of technology and media, teens will be encouraged to build trust, character, and integrity. When teens are removed from the environment of modern conveniences, they are allowed to contemplate deeper issues in life. They will also be compelled to consider how their actions affect others as well as themselves.

Our Next Step Residential Phase

The Next Step phase is the second part of the residential therapeutic program. When teens demonstrate growth and maturity, they transition from the more primitive outdoor living to life in a home on our main campus. This program further challenges and requires accountability from the students. It also helps to transition your teen back into society and/or your home.

Certified Staff and Accredited Junior and Senior High School

During both the outdoor wilderness and the Next Step phase, teens attend our on-campus academy. The academy is fully accredited and taught by top notch Georgia certified instructors. In addition to being highly qualified and compassionate, our staff strives to provide your teen with college prep. In fact, SHA offers students preparation for the SAT and ACT as part of our ordinary curriculum.

SHA is structured to equip misbehaving teens with the skills needed to become more confident, productive and respectful. We faithfully combine outdoor wilderness therapy, equine therapy, and our top-rated academy to bring focus back to your teen’s life. Your teen will also develop character through accountability groups, individual behavioral therapy, and family sessions for the adolescent.

Although we are not located in the state of Louisiana, we do have students who come to our school from locations like: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Alexandria, and more. The distance, therapy and the time away from home is an effective opportunity to bring healing to your entire family. Give us a call at: (706) 703-4188 with any questions you may have or visit the rest of this website to learn more. Please don’t hesitate to Inquire Online to discover how our Admissions Team can help your family.

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