When looking for the right place for your teen to get the therapeutic care he or she needs, there is a lot to consider. You want the most effective care your teen can get, and you also want to find affordable boarding schools that use your tuition payments efficiently.
Shepherd’s Hill Academy (SHA) gives you the best of both worlds. We offer the best care your teen can get. We provide a state-licensed therapeutic outdoor component, individual therapy, group therapy, equine therapy, an on-campus fully-accredited academy, campus nurse, around the clock care, a 5 to 1 student-to-staff ratio, and a gender separated program with gender-specific staff. We give your family a loving and committed discipleship team all serving under the umbrella of a biblical worldview.

Affordable Boarding Schools

We offer several options to help make our tuition work for your family. We are happy to answer any questions you have about tuition costs. You can take a moment to fill in the inquiry form or give us a call at (706) 703-4188.
At Shepherd’s Hill Academy, we give you the most thorough and effective care for your tuition. In addition to providing the best care, we are also one of the most affordable boarding school options at this level of service and care. Our tuition is well below the national average for full-featured therapeutic boarding schools. We also offer discounts for parents who pay several months in advance. Our staff can work with you on loan options or other ways to make tuition work for your family.

The Right Choice

wilderness programShepherd’s Hill Academy is often the last resort for parents who have had their teen in many other programs. Since the other methods just don’t work, why not make Shepherd’s Hill the first choice for your teen so you don’t have to repeat this process again and again? Get the right help now.
As you will see, we are among the most affordable boarding schools for boys and girls. When you think about the effectiveness of our approach, that value increases even more. Everything we do in our boarding school is designed for therapeutic value and teachable moments, whether it is in school, sports, work, or in the wilderness area. The value you get is demonstrated not only in the tuition itself, but in the complete care your teen gets.

Affordable Boarding Schools for Girls and Boys

When comparing tuition with other programs, it is important to know that Shepherd’s Hill Academy provides well-rounded, effective care that cuts no corners and spares nothing to ensure that your child and family get the best opportunity for healing possible. With tuition well below the national average for comparable programs, the value we provide is tremendous. Plus, program tuition can often be offset by insurance, discounts or scholarships.

What Does Shepherd’s Hill Academy Tuition Cover?

at-risk youth

Tuition for Shepherd’s Hill Academy covers our facility, teachers, campus therapists, program supervisors, and residential staff. Our around the clock, 365 days per year care provides your teenager with the opportunity to safely grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We offer individual, group, and family therapeutic activities and counseling to help your teen heal.
Shepherd’s Hill Academy is staffed with some of the best on-campus therapists, counselors, teachers, and direct care workers in their fields. They are also men and women who are dedicated to a biblical worldview while being way ahead of the curve concerning how today’s negative cultural influences affect today’s youth and families. Their first commitment is to God through Christ, assuring a wise and loving dedication to you and your child that can’t be rivaled.

Complete Academic Provisions Included in Shepherd’s Hill Academy Tuition

One of the greatest benefits of Shepherd’s Hill Academy is that even though our kids live in the woods for the therapeutic value it offers, every day they experience a fully-accredited on-campus school that provides individualized attention and goals for your student’s success. They also get all the amenities you would expect from a top academic program. Most students graduate high school at Shepherd’s Hill Academy and go on to the college of their choice.

All-Inclusive Tuition

Shepherd’s Hill Academy works very closely with families on the tuition costs for our program. All-inclusive tuition of $10,800 per month can often be reduced by insurance, discounts, and scholarships. Please call and speak directly to a member of our admissions team to receive our discount policy, verification of insurance benefits, and your tuition rate.
To learn more about the tuition of Shepherd’s Hill Academy, please call or fill in our online inquiry form.