The following documents must be received before the Admissions Team can begin to consider a student for acceptance to Shepherd’s Hill Academy.

Submit Application for Enrollment

After you have spoken with a representative from our Admissions Team, the first step is to request an Application for Enrollment.  Your Admissions Team member will send you an invitation with instructions to submit the application.  To better serve your family, Shepherd’s Hill Academy does not charge an application fee.

If at any time you have questions or concerns during the application process, please reach out to your Shepherd’s Hill Academy Admissions Team member.
Admissions Office: (706) 703-4188

Submit Psychological Evaluation

Along with the Application for Enrollment, we must receive a Psychological Evaluation for your child. This evaluation must have been completed within the last 12 months by a psychiatrist or psychologist.
If your child does not have an evaluation, contact your Shepherd’s Hill Academy Admissions Team member for assistance.
Admissions Office: (706) 703-4188

Submit School Transcript

The final document needed before we can consider your child for acceptance is their school transcript. The school may fax an unofficial copy of the transcript to our office:
Fax: (706) 779-5052
Once your child has been accepted, we will need an official copy of their transcript which can be mailed to:
Mail: Shepherd’s Hill Academy, 2200 Price Road Martin, GA 30557

What Do I Do After I Submit My Documents?

Once we have received the above documents, our licensed Therapeutic Team will prepare a review for the Shepherd’s Hill Academy Acceptance Committee.

In most cases, you will be informed of your son’s or daughter’s acceptance within 24 to 48 hours.
Once accepted, please proceed to Step 3: Prepare for Enrollment.
If you have any questions during this process feel free to call your Shepherd’s Hill Academy Admissions Team member.
Admissions Office: (706) 703-4188