Shepherd’s Hill Academy: A Private Academy Within a Residential Therapeutic Boarding School

Shepherd’s Hill Academy combines a residential teen therapeutic boarding school with a great education. Fully accredited by the State of Georgia for junior and senior high school, your teen will experience a 5-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio.  SHA offers state-certified teachers, teachers aides and mentors – giving full opportunity for students to thrive and shine.  Some of our academy highlights include:

  • Highly structured and well-disciplined atmosphere that is conducive to academic remediation and advancement
  • Individualized, quality education without the distractions and temptations of public school settings
  • Boys and Girls segregated classrooms and living quarters
  • The opportunity for your teen to earn a fully accredited high school diploma from on-site teachers
  • Tutoring and mentoring with Advanced Placement classes. Assistance with SAT testing, scholarship and college applications
  • A wide variety of courses where credits transfer to other states
  • The chance to participate in exciting electives such as religious education, sports, music, art, and drama as well as summer school electives in shop, automotive, and physical health/education, and more
  • Interscholastic & intramural sports and NCAA sanctioned

How Do I Learn More?

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More Information

At Shepherd’s Hill Academy, your teen will have every opportunity to gain a quality high school education while building character, learning wisdom, and taking on a sense of personal responsibility.