By Trace Embry

In many cases, today’s culture is producing teens who are not taking college very serious.


This may leave some parents asking the question –  Is college necessary for success?

When it comes to higher education there is kind of a “monkey see-monkey do” mentality going on.

For example:  Just because it is what all the “successful kids” do, many parents spring for college tuition hoping their teen will eventually find his niche.

So when Junior’s only graduation accolade is “Con-sum-lager” parents get a little resentful about their investment.

Scripture talks about raising our kids in the way they should go.

Parents, consider spending more time and energy finding and nurturing your child’s natural gifts and talents. His career path may not require college at all. Spending a little time and energy now could save you a lot of money and heartbreak later.

This will go far to help them accept your discipline when the world trips them up.

Conversation Starter: How can your family begin cultivating your teen’s gifting?