Do you have a teen in Columbus, Georgia? Are you seeking an effective residential boarding school? We can help!

Is there a teen in your home that just isn’t quite themselves? Are they troubled, depressed, angry or acting out? Do you fear for their safety and their future? Undoubtedly this is a difficult time for you, and we want to help by offering you hope! Shepherds Hill Academy is an accredited therapeutic boarding school accepting students from all over the country; including Columbus, Georgia. 

We would like to invite you to discover Shepherds Hill Academy.  We enroll students year round. We’re not located right in the Columbus or Fort Benning areas. In fact, we’re located roughly 3 hours north and east via Interstate 85. We believe this distance will be quite effective for your teen’s recovery, allowing them to be removed from their current environment for a time of healing and growth.

At Shepherds Hill Academy we believe that real and lasting change is conducive with a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our program is unapologetically Christ-centered. However, teens are in no way forced or required to be a Christian in order to take part in our program.

In addition to Christ-centered principles, Shepherds Hill Academy also believes that a top-rated education is foundational to your teen’s growth. Many troubled teens are also struggling in school. Often, many run the risk of dropping out or failing all together. At Shepherds Hill Academy we are proud to offer successful one-to-one mentoring to offer your child an education to get them back on track. As a matter of fact, many of our students not only graduate but do so with great post-secondary ambitions!

A Deeper Look at the Shepherds Hill Outdoor Wilderness Program

Shepherds Hill Academy is a unique opportunity for your teen, offering both an outdoor residential wilderness program and a Christian boarding school. Our program offers several forms of therapy including family, group and individual counseling and equine therapy.

Upon entering Shepherds Hill Academy your teen will take part in our outdoor therapeutic residential program. This “unplugged” portion of our program is designed to eliminate distractions while building trust and teamwork. By removing electronics and modern conveniences, teens are challenged to contemplate the deeper issues of life. The removal from social media and pop culture also helps teens to hone in on their talents and skills while developing their character.

The Residential Phase of Next Step

After time in the outdoor residential phase in the Shepherds Hill Academy program, teens may earn the privilege of moving to our Next Step residential phase. At this stage, teens take ownership and responsibility for their growth and development, and help to hold each other accountable for more responsibilities and privileges. Teens will move to a home on the main campus, allowing them to prepare for a more fluent transition back into society, and/or their return home.

More on Our Boarding School

Whether your teen is engaged in our effective outdoor residential wilderness program or building character and community in our Next Step residential phase, they will also be enrolled in our on-campus academy. Our academy is a fully accredited junior and senior high school, staffed with Georgia certified instructors and staff. Our team works not only to provide your child with a top quality education, but to prepare them for college as well. Test prep for the SAT and ACT are part of our curriculum.

Shepherds Hill Academy offers your teen opportunities to engage in many extra-curricular activities. From sports and athletics; to artistic and creative groups, to summer recreation, your teen will take part in a variety of team and character building exercises.

Though we are not located in Columbus, Georgia, we do have students who come to our school from all over the country. The time and distance from the Columbus to the Martin, Georgia area is an effective opportunity to bring healing to your entire family. Call us at: (706) 779-5766 or visit the rest of this website to learn more. You may also Inquire Online and our Admissions staff will contact you discretely.

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