Have You Been Looking for a Boarding School for Troubled Teens near Asheville, North Carolina?

North Georgia-Based Shepherds Hill Academy Might Be Your Answer

Not far from Asheville, in the northeast corner of Georgia, lie the grounds of Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA), a residential boarding school for troubled teens. For over 20 years, the owners and staff at SHA have worked with troubled teens from all over the country, helping them replace poor behavioral habits with positive ones and learn personal responsibility. If you are overwhelmed by dealing with a teenager who is breaking rules, acting out of anger or defiance, getting into trouble in school or with the law, or getting involved in drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, and other damaging behaviors, we can help.

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Effective Programs with a Christian Emphasis

Every teen’s journey is different, but we operate on the evidence that true and lasting change is only possible when a person has developed a relationship with Jesus Christ. This Christian emphasis is worked into all of our effective programs for troubled teen boys and girls. By combining a Christ focus with proven programs that help teens work through behavioral, mental, and emotional issues, we have been a part of dozens and dozens of success stories for teens and their families.

Teens move through our three primary programs: the Outdoor Wilderness Program, the Next Step Program, and working toward junior or senior high school graduation at our accredited learning center.

As teens first enter SHA’s campus, they are placed in the Wilderness Program, a rustic living environment where each teen will have the chance to work as part of a team without the distractions of electronics or former influences from home. When the teen qualifies for placement in the next program, they move to Next Step. Here, teens live in on-campus housing while continuing to grow character and responsibility. In Next Step, they can begin earning privileges and freedoms as they transition back to normal life.

Additional programs include our certified equine therapy program as well as individual, group, and family therapy and counseling by qualified counselors and therapists.

Throughout all of our programs, teens work toward middle and high school graduation with our staff of certified teachers and instructors. Our fully accredited school offers basic subjects along with electives, vocational technology courses, and college prep courses to help each student excel.

It’s Time to Make the Change to Shepherds Hill Academy

Getting troubled teens out of their familiar environments and away from negative influences and distractions can be the start of their—and your—healing process. Shepherds Hill Academy works with teens from all across the country, and we love helping these children learn to value themselves and others and begin to build bright futures. Please read more about us on our website or call: (706) 779-5766 for more information.

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