Shepherds Hill Academy in Georgia is a Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teens

Dealing with a rebellious, angry, troubled teen can be heartbreaking. As a parent, you struggle with the stress of watching your teen make terrible choices, strain family relationships to the breaking point, and deliberately put him or herself into dangerous—even potentially life-threatening—situations. You’re searching for someone to help you and give you good advice, and you’re having a difficult time finding a boarding school along the east coast.

Shepherds Hill Academy is the answer. Located in northeast Georgia, about two hours from Atlanta, Shepherds Hill provides a safe, structured environment where teens learn personal responsibility, to value their lives, and to get rid of destructive habits in favor of blossoming into young men and women who contribute positively to their own lives, their family’s lives, and the community.

Why Choose a Boarding School in Georgia?

Although the distance between some east coast locations and our campus in Georgia may seem prohibitive, it’s that very distance that can do so much good for your teen. By removing your teen from the negative influences, people, and triggers at home, they are able to focus on their character growth without other distractions. Shepherds Hill Academy in Georgia has helped hundreds of teens from all over the country regain their self-respect and sense of personal accountability. We have served teens and their families from the East Coast, South, Southeast, Midwest, and West Coast.

Georgia troubled teens

Christian-Based Georgia Boarding School

Students at Shepherds Hill Academy are enrolled in three major programs along with equine therapy and individual, family, and behavioral therapies and counseling groups. All of our programs revolve around a Christ-centered philosophy because we believe Jesus can truly help people make true and lasting changes in their hearts and minds. It’s when teens who willingly build a personal relationship with Jesus have we seen amazing things happen.

Shepherds Hill Academy Programs

Our three main programs include the initial Outdoor Residential Program, where participants live in rustic conditions while learning to work as part of a team to complete chores and assignments related to daily living; and our Next Step program, where participants who have successfully completed the Outdoor Residential Program move to on-campus residential housing and are allowed to earn more privileges and freedoms. During both programs, all teens attend academic classes in our fully accredited school on our main campus. Students can catch up to their grade levels, earn junior and senior high credits for graduation, and take college prep courses as well as prep classes for the ACT and SAT tests. Our staff of professionally certified Georgia teachers give students one-on-one attention as they work toward their academic goals. Our equine therapy program allows students to work with horses, learning to care for and love specially trained therapy horses under the tutelage of trained equine therapy counselors.

During a teen’s stay at Shepherds Hill, they are also involved in individual, group, and behavioral therapies and counseling sessions. Parents and siblings of our teens are included in family therapy sessions designed to encourage healing and respect within the family unit.

Learn More about Shepherd Hill Academy Boarding School

We would love to help you decide if Shepherds Hill is right for your teen. Please review the information about programs, staff, admissions, and more on our website, or call us at: (706) 779-5766 to speak to one of our team members.

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