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Our Christian boarding school offers your teenager and your entire family a comprehensive approach to healing.

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Your teenager will experience a new direction and purpose in life, sparked by a variety of Christ-centered, therapeutic approaches and mentoring by our staff.

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As a nationally-recognized, state licensed residential school, Shepherd’s Hill Academy goes to great lengths to create a safe, loving, and authoritative environment for our students.

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We are here to assist your family in this difficult time. When you contact us, you will speak to the Co-Founder, not a staff member.

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Christian Boarding School for Troubled Teen Boys & Girls

Young girl at Shepherds Hill Academy

Trace and Beth Embry, Founders and Directors

Trace and Beth Embry

Choosing residential care for your child is the toughest decision you will ever have to make. Feelings of fear, anger, failure, and confusion are adding even more anxiety.

Please find comfort as I remind you that the only perfect One who ever existed is our Heavenly Father--and look what His first two kids did! Continue reading...

Therapeutic Boarding School That Provides Serious Help for Troubled Teens

Shepherds Hill Academy serves troubled teen boys and troubled teen girls between the ages of 12 to 17 who have gotten off track in life. Our therapeutic boarding school program at Shepherds Hill Academy provides a therapeutic residential boarding school for teen boys and a separate program for girls. Both residential therapeutic programs share a fully accredited educational campus with segregated classrooms. Outdoor therapy on our residential campus is a great opportunity for fostering the growth of troubled teens in both character and wisdom.

Comprehensive Therapeutic Approach

Your teen’s journey at Shepherds Hill Academy will include many facets within our therapeutic boarding school program. Your teen will take part in a unique and proven blend of equine therapy, outdoor adventure therapy, group therapy, individualized therapy, and family therapy. Shepherds Hill Academy’s Unplugged Experiential Living creates an uncluttered path to discover the deeper issues in the life of your teen without cultural or media distractions. Our unique ‘back to nature’ experience found exclusively at Shepherds Hill Academy improves critical, constructive, and creative thinking capacities while promoting a genuine sense of identity, accomplishment, and a renewed desire to learn.

Unplugged: The Benefits of Shepherds Hill Academy Residential Outdoor Living

The therapeutic and spiritual value of our outdoor environment is unparalleled. Though Shepherds Hill Academy employs a myriad of therapeutic approaches to help your troubled teen, we also focus on building a relationship with Christ for true heart change. Our Therapeutic and Residential Team of compassionate and qualified Christian counselors and professionals never force their faith. However, they strive to gently demonstrate their faith in Christ in all they do and say, offering a daily living example to your troubled teen.

100% Fully Accredited On-Site Academy

Shepherds Hill Academy’s on-campus accredited academy helps students remain on track in their school work. Many Shepherds Hill Academy students even get ahead in their studies during their time at our residential program! Students in our therapeutic boarding school recoup and repair diminished grades while preparing for and developing college and career goals. Our professional teachers and teachers’ aids faithfully serve to provide exceptional education for our students during their time at Shepherds Hill Academy.

Restoring Teens and Their Families

The vision and passion of the team at Shepherds Hill Academy is to see families and lives restored. That is why we spare nothing to provide you and your family with the best, most comprehensive therapeutic environment for your troubled teen. Your child will be immersed in a therapeutic residential community that is ideal for teachable moments and fosters personal and intellectual growth. You will be amazed at the difference this therapeutic outdoor residential program can make, not only in the life of your teen, but in the life of your entire family!

An Individualized Therapeutic Strategy Specifically for Your Teen

Our caring and professional staff are keenly focused on providing the appropriate therapeutic approach for each and every student at Shepherds Hill Academy. There are no “cookie-cutter” approach to healing. Each child at Shepherds Hill is developed and nurtured based on their individual needs and behavioral issues. We believe that every student deserves individualized attention and developmental treatment in their growth and development at Shepherds Hill Academy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT empowers your teen to overcome symptoms like depression, emotional trauma, and addictions. Our Residential Team employs daily CBT therapeutic activities that provide tools necessary to reach a student’s personal goals.

Treatment Testing

The Therapeutic Team at Shepherds Hill Academy utilizes nationally recognized tests to establish and maintain personalized treatment for the students at our residential therapy program. The treatment plan works to enrich the family through unified goals for your teen’s personal development. A personal therapist remains in communication with the Residential Team at Shepherds Hill, constantly evaluating your child’s needs and goals, while fostering growth throughout their experience during the outdoor program.

Equine and Animal Assisted Therapy

Shepherds Hill Academy’s on-campus Equine Therapy Facility fosters character development and maturity in your teen. Shortly after enrollment in our teen residential therapy program your child is assigned a horse to work with for the duration of his/her stay. Both teen boys and teen girls benefit from the Shepherds Hill Academy equine therapy program. Shepherds Hill also has other animals on campus that work with troubled teens to further develop character and growth.

Professional Endorsements

John Rosemond
"SHA offers a holistic, therapeutic approach to healing that provides an atmosphere for learning."
John Rosemond, Psychologist, Speaker, Syndicated Columnist on Parenting, Author of 14 Parenting Books
Mark Bauerline
“The work being done at exactly what so many of our wayward and confused teenagers need.”
Mark Bauerlein, Professor of English, Emory University
Ravi Zacharias, Senior Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall at Oxford University.
"I cannot say how important SHA is to...rescue those who have gotten lost along the way."
Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Author, Radio Host, Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University
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What Parents and Grandparents Say...

“Our grandson was diagnosed with ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Asperger’s syndrome. We tried school after school and no one could tolerate his behavior. Our grandson returned from his stay at Shepherd’s Hill a changed young man. Instead of being obsessed with the Internet, he is now obsessed with homework. Instead of being insolent and defiant, he is courteous and well behaved." -- Grandparent of SHA Student

“I’ve thought about writing this more times than I can count, but I can’t ever seem to get what’s in my heart on paper! At the therapist’s recommendation, I searched for a therapeutic boarding school for several weeks. Every time I spoke with someone I was literally sick to my stomach. When I finally gave the search to God, told Him I couldn’t do this, I needed Him to show me – boy He showed me! A new website pulled up – I had done the same search word for weeks! Trace answered and spoke with me the first time I called. I knew God had answered my prayers." -- Parent of SHA Student

National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP)
Georgia Department of Education

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