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Our Comprehensive Approach

Shepherd’s Hill Academy offers your teenager and your entire family a comprehensive approach to healing.

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Our Therapy and Mentoring

Your teenager will experience a new direction and purpose in life, sparked by a variety of Christ-centered, therapeutic approaches and mentoring by our staff.

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Our Awesome Team

As a nationally-recognized, state licensed residential school, Shepherd’s Hill Academy goes to great lengths to create a safe, loving, and authoritative environment for our students.

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We are here to assist your family in this difficult time. When you contact us, you will speak to the Co-Founder, not a staff member.

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Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a Christ-Centered Therapeutic Boarding School, Trusted by Educational Consultants for its High Quality Academics and Safe and Effective Wholistic Therapeutic Approach for Troubled Teens.

Our Wholistic Program

Our therapeutic boarding school provides teens with an opportunity to be challenged in maturity. The unique benefit of our wholistic program is that we provide an opportunity for troubled teens to be separated from the temptations present to them in today's culture. During this separation they are able to mature in character development. If you are looking for your child to be in perpetual comfort, our program may not be for you. However, if you are looking for perhaps your child’s greatest opportunity for healing and a diminished sense of entitlement, all while creating a sense of significance, identity, humility, and gratitude, then SHA would be a fit for your teen. Science, statistics, and history all give evidence for the effectiveness of our style of care toward producing heart change. And with a Christ-centered approach, the results improve exponentially.

Our Therapeutic Approach

We serve adolescents age 12-17. Our residential boarding school provides a dynamic approach to therapeutic healing in the individual and the family.

Everything our staff does is designed for therapeutic value and teachable moments -– whether it is in school, sports, leisure, or in their living area. Our teachers, campus therapists, program supervisors, and residential staff are all unified in the therapeutic goals for each student, and regularly meet to discuss progress. Our 24/7 care provides teenagers with the opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, through individual, group, and family therapeutic activities and counseling.

The therapeutic environment is intentionally designed to provide a rich, discipleship-focused atmosphere that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health and healing to troubled teenagers and their families.


Ravi Zacharias
"I cannot say how important this is to get behind a ministry like Shepherd's Hill Academy."
Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Tullian Tchividjian
“I'm grateful for Shepherd's Hill Academy and the amazing work that they are doing.”
Tullian Tchividjian
Dr. David Barton
“Shepherd’s Hill Academy successfully demonstrates that troubled teens and their parents can... win back our culture to biblical truth.”
Dr. David Barton

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Should you need help finding wilderness therapy, or boys ranches, or residential treatment centers, let us know because we can help.

Shepherd's Hill is a wholistic therapeutic program and boarding school with behavioral therapy counseling for troubled teens, struggling teens, angry teens, at-risk teens, teens with ADD, ADHD, OCD, and rebellion. SHA offers the best of all worlds as far as a therapeutic program for troubled teens is concerned. We are a state-licensed wilderness therapy program, plus counseling sessions are held weekly with master's level counselors, and also group therapy and equine therapy.

Troubled teens come to our wholistic program and therapeutic boarding school for boys and girls mostly from Georgia (GA), Florida (FL), Kentucky(KY), Tennessee (TN), Missouri (MO), Louisiana (LA), Mississippi (MS), Texas (TX), Michigan (MI), Ohio (OH), Indiana (IN) and Illinois (IL) in the central states from Arkansas (AR), Oklahoma (OK), North Dakota (ND), Minnesota (MN), and Idaho (ID) in the north and west, and from Virginia (VA), New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Pennsylvania (PA), and New Jersey (NJ) along the east coast and southeast states.

Shepherds Hill Academy Therapeutic Boarding School

Christian therapeutic boarding schools -- Shepherds Hill Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, endorsed by Christian leaders.