Enrollment Requirements



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Information Needed to be Accepted (Before Acceptance):

Printable registration checklist
The following items must be received for a student to be considered for acceptance into Shepherd’s Hill Academy:

  • Fully completed Application
  • Psychosocial Information (Pages 20-27 of Application to be filled out by Parents)
  • Psychological evaluations (necessary that we acquire a report dated within a year from enrollment), personality, social, or educational testing (if available)
  • School transcripts, IEP, or withdrawals from school etc.

ATTENTION:  The Psychosocial Information (completed by parents) must be submitted before acceptance.

Information Needed After Acceptance and at Enrollment:

Printable registration checklist
After accepted into Shepherd’s Hill Academy, the following items must be brought with you at enrollment:

  • Copy of immunization records
  • Proof of Physical Exam given by a medical Doctor ( Exam must be within 30 days prior to enrollment)
  • Proof of last Dental Exam
  • Copy front and back of child’s insurance card
  • Copy front and back of child’s prescription card (we will also need to know the name of the primary card holder and their social security number)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Custody Papers (if applicable)
  • Approved correspondence list (family only please)
  • Medications and any unfilled prescriptions needing to be filled.
  • Money for Essentials Account ($200.00 cash or check written to “Shepherd’s Hill Academy”)
  • Phone card and stamps
  • Provisions for the duration of their stay.  Please review the Needs List below.  We ask that you complete the list and bring the items at enrollment.

Be sure to provide everything included on the appropriate “Need’s List” (found below) for your child.
Shepherd’s Hill Academy Girls’ Needs List
Shepherd’s Hill Academy Boys’ Needs List
We can walk you through the process of bringing your son or daughter to Shepherd’s Hill Academy.  Please look over all the information that is needed in the “Before Acceptance” AND “After Acceptance” sections above.