Shepherd’s Hill Academy has been serving families with teens in crisis since 2001.


Since then, Parents have found that we successfully address the most important areas in the lives of their teens.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy’s holistic approach successfully provides parents with a therapeutic environment that will encompass the entire well-being of their teen. We address:

Emotional – Our individualized therapeutic opportunities helps meet the emotional need of every enrolled student. Family relations are restored with our family and group therapies.

Physical – Students stay active with their equine therapy, extracurricular activities and their daily walk to campus from their outdoor therapeutic living environment.  A healthy diet is also introduced daily.

Spiritual – We provide a Christ-centered authoritative environment that provides teens with the opportunity to understand the truth of God’s Word to enrich their soul and spirit.

Mental – Our digital free environment, combined with our small classrooms, is designed to give students a second chance in their academic endeavors. It also helps rebuild the constructive and creative parts of the brain, which have often been neglected due to today’s digital age.

Watch and listen as this parent explains.

“When we began the search for Shepherds Hill, we were looking for a place that could bring healing to our daughter who had lost her way. We were looking for a place that we knew would be holistic and not just address her physical needs, but her spiritual, her emotional, and her mental well-being. And when we found Shepherds Hill, we ended up… God brought to us more than we could have ever asked or imagined with the program.”

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