Need a Therapeutic Boarding School in Ijamsville, Maryland?  Would You Consider Looking at Shepherd’s Hill Academy, Which is Nearby?

boarding schoolsWhile you seek out therapeutic boarding schools in Ijamsville, Maryland, perhaps you will consider an acclaimed therapeutic program in another place other than Ijamsville, Maryland for a better option? Shepherd’s Hill Academy in Georgia features all the best options in a therapeutic program, plus a devotion to fostering integrity of character in teens so they can influence the culture for the glory of God.

The Best Tools of Wilderness Programs and Therapeutic Boarding Schools On Our Martin, Georgia Campus

Shepherd’s Hill Academy, located in northeast Georgia, is a hybrid between a therapeutic wilderness program and a boarding school with counseling. Teens come to Shepherd’s Hill Academy from all around the country, including from Ijamsville, Maryland. Though it may be a distance to travel, parents find it valuable for their teenager to experience a new environment separate from their local peer group.

Therapeutic Boarding School

A Christ-Centered Therapeutic Boarding School

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is unashamedly Christ-centered, believing that transformation due to a relationship with Jesus is the only genuine and lasting change. We offer a first-rate education, individual mentoring and counseling, equine therapy, and teamwork exercises to help teens develop character and learn to make responsible decisions.

Getting Started on the Right Foot — Our Wilderness Program

The first phase of life at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a wilderness program, intended to remove distractions, build trust and teach teamwork. Being without electricity and other conveniences leaves time to contemplate more meaningful issues of life. The necessity of working together to meet simple daily needs demands coping and teamwork abilities, pushing teens to consider how their contribution impacts others. As they observe staff and leaders who submit to God as the true Authority, they find a reference point for themselves and can more appropriately relate to authority and to others.

For Parents Seeking a Therapeutic Boarding School in Ijamsville, Maryland, We Offer a Well-Rounded Therapeutic Program and Accredited School

troubled teen programAfter a time, when teens consistently make responsible decisions and take ownership of their development, they transition to the residential program and move to a home on campus. This phase gets them ready to transition into society as privileges and personal liberties are restored. Careful training of parents in our retreats also takes place during this period in preparation for the teen’s going home.

During both phases of the program, teens receive regular counseling and attend our on-campus, fully accredited junior and senior high school, taught by Georgia certified instructors. We encourage students to go on to college, so we include test prep for the SAT and ACT as part of our ordinary curriculum.

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Therapeutic counseling program for teens

Please consider looking beyond Ijamsville, Maryland to see how our unique blend of wilderness, counseling and residential programs can bring restoration to your family.

Though we are not in Ijamsville, Maryland, please take a minute to explore our website, then if you need any other questions answered, the first step is to fill out our inquiry form or call us today.

More about boarding schools in or near Ijamsville, Maryland:
Ijamsville is an unincorporated community located 7 miles southeast of Frederick, Maryland, in Frederick County, Maryland, United States.
In 1785, a gentleman by the name of Plummer Ijams became the first recorded resident of what would become Ijamsville. Plummer Ijams died on June 14, 1796. His son, John, developed a gristmill that became a center of community life in the area, which became known as Ijams Mill.
Around 1800, the Duvall brothers (John, William, and Thomas) founded slate quarries that provided slate tiles for roofs. The slate became known as Ijamsville Phyllite. In 1831, Plummer Ijams II granted a right of way to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to construct tracks on the condition that the railroad build him a depot that became known as Ijams Mill.
Initially, the “railroad” was horse-drawn. The first “train” arrived on March 13, 1832. On June 22, 1832, the US Post Office Department established a post office at Ijams Mill that became known as Ijamsville. Plummer Ijams II was the first postmaster. One of his successors was Lemuel Mussetter.
Ijamsville became the site of a small town, including a local store. In 1896, a Dr. Riggs founded a sanitarium for nervous and mental patients on the site which is now known as Gabriels Restaurant. Over a thousand patients were treated at that institution.
For more information on the history of Ijamsville, see Ijamsville The Story of a Country Village by Charles Moylan, available in the Maryland Room of the Frederick County Public Library.
Excerpt about boarding schools in Ijamsville, Maryland, used with permission from Wikipedia.

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