Troubled Teen in Georgia? Looking for a Therapeutic Boarding School Near Atlanta, Georgia? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

You’ve likely been having difficulty with an angry or misbehaving teen in your family? Has your troubled boy or girl been expelled from school, or gotten into trouble with the law? Do you worry about their safety? As a result, you may be considering residential care options; such as a therapeutic boarding school or a wilderness program, which are both vital and proven solutions when dealing with troubled teens.

Therapeutic Boarding SchoolsFor a generation, Shepherd’s Hill Academy has been helping troubled troubled teens in Georgia get back on track. We’ve helped hundreds of teens from around the country, serving troubled teens from Georgian homes just like yours.

A Hybrid Between a Wilderness Program and a Boarding School, with a Christian Emphasis

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a hybrid between a therapeutic wilderness program and a Christian boarding school with several forms of therapy, including counseling and equine therapy. Shepherd’s Hill Academy is unapologetically Christ-centered, believing that a change of heart due to a relationship with Jesus is the only genuine and lasting change. We offer a first-rate education, individual mentoring and counseling, equine therapy, and teamwork exercises to help teens grow character and learn to make responsible choices.

Wilderness Program is the First Phase for Troubled Teens

The early part of a stay at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a wilderness program, carefully planned to eliminate distractions, build trust and encourage teamwork. Removing TV, cell phones and other conveniences leaves time to contemplate more meaningful issues of life. The necessity of working together to meet simple daily needs involves coping and teamwork skills, giving teens good reason to consider their obligation to others.

Residential Program is Next

After a time, when teens consistently make responsible choices and take ownership of their growth, they shift to the residential program and move to a home on campus. This phase gets them ready to transition into society as privileges and personal freedoms are restored.

Accredited Boarding School with Certified Teachers

During both phases of the program, troubled teens are enrolled in our Georgia-accredited on-campus, junior and senior high school, staffed with Georgia certified instructors. We help students to get caught up and to also prepare for college, so we also incorporate test prep for the SAT and ACT as part of our regular curriculum.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is structured to equip troubled teens with the skills needed to become more confident, productive and respectful at home, school, and in the community. Our unique combination of a wilderness program, certified equine program, and first-class school is all designed to bring focus back into a child’s life. We also utilize accountability groups, individual behavioral and family counseling.

Students come to our school from all over the country. Call us at (706) 703-4188 or visit the remainder of this site to learn more. >> Inquire >>

Please consider Shepherd’s Hill Academy as you Search for Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens in or near Atlanta, Georgia