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The stress is unbelievable. Your teen is out of control—angry, defiant, and rebellious. He or she may have been kicked out of school or had trouble with the law. Perhaps your teen is involved with drugs, alcohol, or sexual activities. Your teen may have threatened violence or has become violent with you, siblings, or others. You don’t know where to turn, and you need help now.

Shepherds Hill Academy can step in when you need it most. Our program has helped hundreds of teens from all over the country turn their lives around, rebuild family relationships, and focus on setting and accomplishing productive goals for the future. When you are at your wit’s end, we can help.

Northeast Georgia Christian-Based Therapeutic Boarding School

Located two hours away from Atlanta in northeast Georgia, the distance to Shepherds Hill Academy actually works in your teen’s favor. He or she will be far enough removed from the bad situations and negative influences that trigger destructive behavior, giving your teen the chance to live life without such distractions.

Marietta Georgia

In addition, Shepherds Hill bases their counseling and program structure on a Christ-based philosophy. We believe that as teens learn about and willingly develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, they can work toward permanent and positive changes in their hearts and minds. This Christian focus, along with our very effective programs, has helped hundreds of teens develop a sense of personal responsibility, self-confidence, and a desire to serve others. Shepherds Hill Academy Programs: Recipes for Lifelong Success

Teen participants move through several main programs, including the initial Outdoor Wilderness Residential Program where girls and boys live in segregated rustic cabins while learning to work as part of a team. At the successful completion of this first phase, teens can qualify to move to our Next Step program of living in on-campus housing and working to earn specific freedoms and privileges.

During all phases of these programs, teens attend academic courses in our on-campus, fully accredited learning center. Here, students can catch up to grade level requirements and earn credits toward middle and high school graduation. Our certified teachers instruct in small group and one-on-one settings the Georgia Department of Education core curriculum as well as elective courses in sports, art, and vocational technology. Students can also complete college prep courses, including prep for ACT and SAT tests.

Additional programs include our equine therapy program and individual, group, behavioral, and family therapy and counseling.

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We would love to be part of helping your teen and family heal and change for the better. More information about our programs, staff, admissions, and frequently asked questions is included on our website, which we invite you to read and explore. You are also invited to call us at (706) 779-5766 for more information.

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