I have spent a great deal of time talking with parents with the intention of helping them understand the importance of raising the bar of expectations in the lives of their teens.  In today’s culture there seems to be too many parents that expect too little from their teen.


To give their teens the greatest chance of reaching their goals of high standards, parents would do well to provide their kids with a conducive learning environment.

Can we honestly name one of our nation’s problems today that isn’t rooted in a moral problem?  From the top down, our nation seems to be in moral decline.  It is parents’ preeminent responsibility to address morality and train up their kids to have sound moral character.  A relationship with Jesus Christ is ultimately the key to developing this. In order for your teen to have sound moral character he is going to need an environment conducive for learning and developing it.

For parents this may mean making some sacrifices–including less time on the job, less time devoted to hobbies, or less time engaging in home entertainment.  I’m not trying to be a killjoy.  All I’m trying to do is establish the importance of this subject.  Jesus said, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul.”  The souls and eternal rewards of our kids are at stake here.  I can’t stress the importance of educating our kids in the things of God.

Provide a Conducive Learning Environment in Your Home

As drastic as some of these things appear, parents may need to consider the following:

  • Relocating may need to be an option.  Perhaps your kids’ friends are causing too much distraction, or are of the unsavory type.
  • Create a vision statement so your kids know exactly what the family expects of them.
  • Set boundaries, and provide discipline to any immoral choices your teen may choose.

Have Resources Available in Your Home

Provide in depth education on a biblical worldview.  You don’t have to re-invent the wheel or come up with your own curriculum.  There are plenty of resource materials out there already.

Intentionally Train-up Your Child on a Daily Basis

  • Teach your teen how to live by convictions.
  • Establish biblical standards and understand the importance of adhering to them.
  • If not from Scripture, ask your kids where moral standards should come from and why.
  • Continually challenge their critical thinking skills as you challenge your own.

Once you are able to provide the proper education and character development for your teen, he will then be better equipped mentally, morally, and spiritually to explore basic academics, higher education, and appropriate entertainment and aesthetic pursuits.  By placing character development first, parents are giving their kids the confidence, character, and direction to not only excel in regards to their GPA but in life after academics.

Our children’s main GPA should be their “God point average.”  God is not looking for an “A” student as much as He’s looking for “a” student!