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Frequently Asked Questions: Spiritual Parenting

In my time of serving families, I have had thousands of conversations with hundreds of parents from all walks of life.  In some cases it’s merely a casual dialogue; in other cases, however, the parent is emotionally distraught and at their wit’s end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through these conversations, I’ve learned that each conversation has the potential to be a valuable resource to parents.  This has led me to begin providing you with a new parenting resource entitled Frequently Asked Parenting Questions. Continue Reading…

How to Become the Spiritual Leader of Your Family

As a mom or dad, have you ever considered yourself a pastor or the spiritual leader of your family and to your children?  From my experience, in general, it seems that parents have abdicated their role as spiritual leaders and mentors to the local youth group.

Spiritual Leadership

There is no biblical precedent for this as parents are called to be the spiritual leaders of the home.  To be a pastor to your teen requires you to be a leader in all areas of your home–not just what we would define as spiritual matters.  Continue Reading…

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Frequently Asked Questions: Spiritual Parenting | Insight for Today's Culture