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Therapeutic Benefits of the Wilderness: with John Hunt [Podcast]

We hear so much about the “Great Outdoors.” But what is it about the outdoors that makes it so great?

therapeutic benefits

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Are there therapeutic benefits to the wilderness? Today’s guest helps us answer this question.

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1 Way to Make the Simple Things in Life Important

My time with teens at Shepherd’s Hill Academy gives me insight into how parents can make the simple things in life important.

Kim MyoungSung
Household responsibilities are often overlooked in many homes today.

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Instant Access to My Top 5 Podcasts [Podcast]

This week, I wanted to try something a little different with our podcast episodes.

Instant Access to My Top 5 Podcasts

We have had the privilege of interviewing some of the nation’s top minds. This week, I want to provide you with access to our top 5 podcasts within the last year.

#5 How to Protect Your Family From the Internet: with Craig Gross

Craig Gross, founder of, reveals his resource We recommend this resource to all of our parents at Shepherd’s Hill Academy (SHA) and know it will help you navigate today’s digital age. Find out more about this informative interview.

#4 How Teens can Overcome Entitlement

I interview a student from Shepherd’s Hill Academy. Together, we navigate how the challenges of the wilderness program at SHA can help teens overcome entitlement.

#3 How to Prepare Your Child for Pornography: with Josh McDowell

Our top three podcasts are crucial resources for your family. Many of you may be shocked at what Josh McDowell and I discuss on the statistics of ease of access your kids have to pornography. How can you prepare your child for the dangers of pornography? Here, we discuss this in depth.

#2 The Harmful Effects of Food: with Dr. Jean Lawrence

Surprisingly, one of our top podcasts is one we released just last month. I speak with Dr. Jean Lawrence on how you can create a nutritionally sound family. In addition, Dr. Lawrence makes the connection between your child’s behavior and his diet.

#1 10 Things Kids Want Their Parents to Know

Coming in at number 1, Rich Roszel and I lay out the top 10 things that kids want their parents to know. You may be surprised at the things that your kid wants you to know about him or her.

Picture provided by: Nathaniel D. Ether

1 Reason Parents Do Not Assign Chores to Their Teen

Parents should not dread asking their teenager to do chores around the house.

assign chores
No, but in some households, parents do not appropriately assign chores.

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The Link Between Art and Morality [Video]

Is there a link between art and morality?

Though some may find this question difficult to answer, there is a quick answer.

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Raising Kids with Special Needs with Steve Bundy [Podcast]

Parenting takes courage and sacrifice. But what if our child is diagnosed with a debilitating or life threatening condition?

Debunking Same Sex Marriage

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How do parents raise and provide for a child with special needs? What can we do to assist friends and family members with a child with special needs? Our guest, Steve Bundy, addresses this very issue.

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How to Choose the Right Therapist

How do I choose the right therapist?

 How to Choose the Right Therapist
A common question that many tend to overcomplicate in today’s postmodern culture.

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Why Higher Education Should Not be Your Teen’s Top Priority [Video]

I see so many well intentioned parents who think higher education should be their teen’s top priority.

I would like to suggest that higher education should not be your teen’s top priority.

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Tackling the Tough Challenges Teens Face with Jim Burns [Podcast]

Raising teenagers today has never been tougher. Parents have a myriad of tough challenges they face in light of today’s culture.

tough challenges teens face

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Our guest today helps us tackle the tough parenting obstacles by providing practical tools for solving some of the culture’s toughest challenges.

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A Way to Reduce the Stress in Your Home

Learning how to appropriately answer the following statement will help to reduce the stress in your home.

 digital age is effecting teens
A common question in your home to your children may be: “How many times do I have to tell you to clean your room?”

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