Why is Jesus the only way to Heaven?  What makes Christianity the right religion? These are just a couple of questions commonly asked by today’s teens.  The fact is our culture has become fixated on a “coexist” attitude about spiritual beliefs and religious matters.

4 Questions That Your Teen Must Have Answers To

As a parent, you must prepare your teen to stand firm in the Christian faith. Otherwise, outside religions will seem more appealing to him.  So, how do you prepare your child?  The key is to train him to comprehend, live-out and defend his faith by consistently providing him with answers to his questions.

According to Deuteronomy 6:7 you are to talk about the scriptures “when you sit at home, when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” In short, you must consistently and intentionally train your family in the Word of God throughout the day. Also, always look for teachable moments.

There are four main questions that every religion must answer.  If you can provide your teen a home that consistently provides answers to these questions, he will have a better chance at embracing the Christian faith despite the culture’s temptations.  Remember, science, history, archeology, and logic are on your side!

Where did life originate from?  As science becomes more advanced, many scientists attempt to challenge the concepts of creation.  Your teen will be bombarded daily by teachers and peers that present your teen with evolution thought and theory.  Your teen must know how to confidently defend the stance on what the Bible says concerning where life originated.  Ken Ham with Answers in Genesis produces some excellent resources.  Engage in some form of curriculum that will help your teen on a weekly or daily basis.

What is the meaning of life?  Your child was created for a distinct purpose. Help him develop the character and discipline to achieve his goals and dreams. Challenge him in his weaknesses and cultivate his strengths.  On a daily basis try to engage in some form of conversation on how the Bible practically provides the answers to the meaning of life.

Why is it important to live a life of morality?  When all of your teen’s peers are discarding morality for pleasure, it’s going to be hard for him to stand firm. Consistent answers to this question; intentional boundaries developed to keep your teen from making immoral choices; and an authentic relationship, will provide your teen with the confidence he needs to navigate the temptations in today’s culture. Also, your actions are the most effective answer you can provide.  This means, you must live a moral life.  If your teen sees you discard the very morals you are teaching him, he will most likely discard the same morals when he is tempted.  A life genuinely submitted to the will of God is the greatest teacher.

Where do I go when I die?  In a culture that embraces the idea that many paths lead to Heaven, you must help your child understand the foundation of the biblical worldview and the salvation provided by Christ.  Ravi Zacharias with RZIM provides compelling podcasts and discussion forums that you could listen to with your teen.  Take each week to listen to an episode and discuss it.

Today’s culture provides some appealing alternatives to teens desiring to be Christians.  By providing your child with a biblical worldview, you will be providing them the answers to life’s most difficult questions.  To the degree you can help your child cultivate a relationship with Christ and provide him with cogent answers to these questions, that will be the degree that he will be capable of standing firm in his faith.

What are some common questions that your teen asks?  How do you provide them with the answers they need?